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The Freedom Investor Blueprint - Mastermind

Creating your dream life through property | taught by Kyron Gosse

Course description

What would you be doing with your life, if money wasn’t an issue?

Property is simply a vehicle to get you to where you want to be.
Through the Freedom Investor Blueprint, you will identify what your purpose in investing is, inform yourself on all the different strategies in order to gain the knowledge you need to invest safely and wisely, before implementing everything you have learnt .

This is our flagship programme, it is a solid 12 month programme that nurtures and supports you through your investing and keeping you on track to achieving your dream life.

You goals are personal to you and so should your investing strategy be.
Everybody begins with different resources, time availability, skills, knowledge and capital, therefore the Freedom Investor Blueprint is personalised to ensure you are getting the right information, taking the right next steps to help you achieve your goal.

The blueprint is designed to give you the skills and knowledge on how to become an effective investor, anywhere in the world. It specialises in teaching you how to take an entrepreneurial approach to your investing and empower you to develop the skills and knowledge to do the deals by yourself, following your own path, rather than somebody else's.

The Freedom Investor Blueprint Mastermind consists of fortnightly webinars to keep you accountable and on track to achieve your goals as well as discussing new strategies and taking an extensive look at your specific circumstances. These will be done in a group setting so you can fast track your learning through the experience of others. You will also get access to the Freedom Investor Selfstudy course which will provide you with a solid foundation to get started as an investor. Lastly there is the VIP Facebook community where you can connect with other high level investors who are on the same journey as you.

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Kyron  Gosse
Kyron Gosse
The Freedom Investor

Kyron started investing at the age of 22 when he bought his grandparents old home. From there Kyron chased the money, working as a chef, first on the mines, then on the oil rigs only to discover it made no difference how much money he earned, it was never going to help him to get to his goals. Upon reading Steve McKnight’s book ‘From 0 to 130 properties in 3.5 years’ Kyron enrolled in his apprenticeship programme and spent the next year cramming his head full of knowledge and attempting property deals. After nothing eventuated, he was so fed up, he quit his job and moved back to Auckland to focus on property full time.

From there Kyron worked with a number of property investing companies to ensure he was always in the market place and over the next few years built up a property portfolio, traded multiple properties and got to experience true freedom – travelling the world for as long as he wanted and doing property deals from anywhere. After being challenged by a business mentor to do property deals in the different countries Kyron was travelling to, Kyron started up FreedomCo Properties in order to help other location free global citizens (in particular entrepreneurs) to be able to live and invest (from) anywhere and surround themselves by like minded people.

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